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friendly reminder that sherlock loves to dance and nobody danced with him at john’s wedding


Benedict Cumberbatch attends “The Penguins of Madagascar” press line on Day 1 of Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 24, 2014, in San Diego[HQ]

Benedict in “The Imitation Game” UK Teaser Trailer (x)

That smile !

That smile !


Nose crinkle

"How? What? How!" John stammered the first time he saw Sherlock's erection. "What?" Sherlock said puzzled. John took a breath, allowed himself to formulate a complete thought and then started speaking, "you're huge, how do you get yourself into those tight trousers you always wear with THAT between your legs?!" "I have an excellent tailor," Sherlock replied, "can we please have sex now?" "I suppose," John chuckled. "Would you like me to top?" Sherlock asked. "Oh god yes!"
(bee plushie anon again) years later long since living together, John and Sherlock have a fight in which John storms out to cool down. Some hours later when he returns to the flat he finds Sherlock curled up on their bed, with an old but very familiar bee plush clutched to his chest. "You kept it all this time?" John would ask running his fingers through Sherlock's hair and Sherlock would pout and say "obviously." And then there'd be apologies and cuddles and kisses, the plushie between them.


the bee plushie is of the upmost importance. may it one day become canon.

"Sherlock," John gasped having found that the consulting detective had gone out to get the milk, "you got the milk!" "I was out and I knew we needed it so I made sure to pick some up on my way back," Sherlock shrugged. "Wait right there," John commanded him as he ran back into the bedroom. "Ok," Sherlock agreed. When John came back Sherlock was down on one knee, "John Hamish Watson, will you marry me?" Rather than say yes John got down on one knee and made his own proposal. Both men said yes.
Wait a second…


Detective with dark curly hair and cheekbones

and fair haired doctor friend

Rizzoli and Isles is basically femme!lock! Why do we not talk about this more?!